2023 Trustee Candidates


Has lived at 1205 Summers End Dr for 24 years.

EXPERIENCES: I have over 30 years of experience as an IT Systems Engineer and have served the past 2 years as a board member as well as in 2007. I have volunteered throughout the 24 years I’ve lived here to help the HOA with technical and financial related issues and have a great deal of knowledge regarding the subdivision.

DESIRE TO SERVE: I truly care about our subdivision. When I decided to run for the board 2 years ago my goal was to make Summer Chase better. I feel the past 2 years the board has made significant updates and each year our subdivision is better than the year before. It’s important to me that our common ground property is kept up to date but in a way that won’t adversely affect the assessment. I monitor the financial records to make sure updates will fit financially and have set up procedures to help future trustees understand when maintenance items need to be performed.

OTHER INFORMATION: My husband, Vance, and I are empty nesters and have loved living in Summer Chase and raising our family in this community. We have 2 sons. Brad, who graduated from Missouri S&T and is now living on his own and David, a senior at Mizzou.


Has lived at 1603 Indian Summer Spur for 18 years.

EXPERIENCES: I have been a licensed CPA for over 20 years and have extensive financial experience that would be helpful in budgeting and tracking expenses. I volunteered in many positions at my kids' schools over the past 18 years and know many of the residents in the neighborhood. I am friendly and work well with others.

DESIRE TO SERVE: I would like to continue serving as a trustee to help continue the awesome improvements that the current trustees have implemented in our neighborhood. I have seen tangible improvements that will reflect on every owner's property value. We also have several improvements planned for the pool, including rebidding our pool contract, that I would like to see through.

OTHER INFORMATION: I am married to John and we have 3 children: Jacob, recently married to Jordan, Sarah and Sam . Summerchase is such a unique neighborhood being surrounded by all the schools. My kids and John and I have made lifelong friends in this community. We feel blessed to live in our neighborhood and I just want to do my part to keep it a great place for all of us to live.


Has lived at 1602 Summerpoint Ct for less than a year.

EXPERIENCES: Government Contract and Funding Advisor. Project Management. Military Property and Residence Administration. Technical Management.

DESIRE TO SERVE: Having returned to St Louis and making a home in Fenton and our Summer Chase community, I want to be a part of serving that community. I'm eager to learn more about the history of our community, the visions and goals of its members, and the opportunities that are waiting for us to make this community enjoyable, safe, and - to be frank - something to brag about!

OTHER INFORMATION: I pride myself on how adaptive and tech savvy I am, as well as quick to pick up on new innovations, which I believe is a necessary skill in this technologic boom of an era we are in. Additionally, I firmly believe in consideration of second-order effects when making decisions, especially ones that have the potential of impacting others (or in this case, MANY people). I work full time on a hybrid remote work schedule and have no children. I am able to commit a reasonable amount of time as a trustee, provided there's adequate notice.


Has lived at 1220 Summers End Dr for 31 years.

EXPERIENCES: I have worked in the Environmental Health and Safety Industry for over 25 years. I have managed multiple projects ranging from $5000 to $18 Million. I have dealt in project and contract negotiations with the Federal (Environmental Protection Agency) and State (Missouri Department and Natural Resources) agencies..

DESIRE TO SERVE: I decided to retire early, and I am finding that I have more time to do things that I enjoy and also do other things that I may not have had the opportunity to pursue. As such, now I feel that I can use some of my additional free time for the benefits of others, and be able to give back to the community.

OTHER INFORMATION: I am an original homeowner that have lived in Summer Chase I for 31 years. My wife passed 6 years ago, and we had a son named Alexander, or Xander. Xander attended school in the Rockwood School District, and my wife switched careers and became an elementary school teacher in the Rockwood School District as well. Last but not least, I am also a proud Grandfather of my grandson named Ashton.