Helpful Information

Ameren UE - 314-342-1000

If the street light is out in a cul-de-sac or a street near your residence, please call Ameren UE at 314-342-1000 and report the outage.  Ameren UE is responsible for the replacement.

Assessments Inquiry 

We use Accounting Solutions Group to manage our assessments.  If you have misplaced your assessment invoice, have questions concerning your payment status or need a paid receipt, please email them at  Be sure to include the owner name, address and Summer Chase 1 subdivision in your email.


Subdivision Garage Sales 

Subdivision garage sales have occurred in the past, but the trustees do not organize the event.  They are usually planned by a resident or group of residents who work with a realtor who sponsors the event.  If you decide to plan a subdivision garage sale and would like the dates communicated, please contact the trustees at and we will post the details. 

Pool Management (Unique Pools) If you have a pool related issue, please contact Unique Pool Management at 314 455-6350.

St. Louis County Helpful Numbers - Click the following link to retrieve a website page with phone numbers for various St. Louis County organizations

St. Louis County Police (non-emergency number) - 636-529-8210

St. Louis County Public Works Division - 314-615-7139 or 314-615-7140

If you have an issue with property that is maintained by St. Louis County, you can contact the Public Works Division and they will direct you to the correct department.  If you need to report general road maintenance issues such as snow removal, pot holes, overgrown or damaged trees in the easement area call 314-615-8538.

Waste Connections - 636-321-2100

In 2023 Summer Chase 1 opted in to  St. Louis County trash district program.  We started  with year 2 rates and there are  3 more years of locked rates District 4 Rates.    Click here to see the copy of the card Waste Connections sent to Summer Chase residents.