Helpful Information

Ameren UE - 314-342-1000

If the street light is out in a cul-de-sac or a street near your residence, please call Ameren UE at 314-342-1000 and report the outage. Ameren UE is responsible for the replacement.

Pool Management -

Pool Phone -

This phone is located at the pool and is only active during the pool season.

Pool Passes - For information regarding pool passes click here.

St. Louis County Helpful Numbers - Click the following link to retrieve a website page with phone numbers for various St. Louis County organizations

St. Louis County Police (non-emergency number) - 636-529-8210

St. Louis County Public Works Division - 314-615-7139 or 314-615-7140

If you have an issue with property that is maintained by St. Louis County, you can contact the Public Works Division and they will direct you to the correct department. If you need to report general road maintenance issues such as snow removal, pot holes, overgrown or damaged trees in the easement area call 314-615-8538.

Waste Management - 314-506-4700

If you want yard waste service or an additional pickup, call Waste Management. Yard waste service is not part of our contracted service. They pick up yard waste on Wednesdays. Regular trash will be picked up on Thursdays and recyclables will be picked up on Fridays. You can have 1 bulk item picked up per week, but it must be scheduled by phone at least 24 hours prior to our regular pickup. This cannot be scheduled from their website. They will be able to look up your information when you provide them your address. Holidays will effect trash pickup by one day. View Waste Management's holiday schedule. You will be asked to enter your zip code.

Recycling Guidelines