2022 Summer Chase 1 Trustees

Please email summerchase1@summerchase.org if you have questions or concerns. Trustee phone numbers should be used for urgent matters.

Bob Hupfeld1652 Indian Summer Dr314 307-1961
DeAnn Laaker1603 Indian Summer Spur314 302-5177
Tracy Scherrer1205 Summers End Dr314 308-7703


If you aren't receiving the email communication, please use the Email Signup menu option from this website to submit your email address.

12/3/21 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

ASSESSMENTS (SC1, SLE and Pool Members)

The annual assessments will be mailed on December 15, 2021, with a due date of January 15, 2022. The Trustees are not allowed to change these dates, as they are stated as such in the indentures. For this year’s assessment, the Trustees have changed the late fee accrual date from February 1, 2022 to March 1, 2022.


Sunday, December 12, 2021 - The group, Midwest Off-Road HERS, have offered to do a Parade of Lights through the subdivision. The parade will start around 6:30-7:00 PM and travel from the entrance on Summer Chase Lane, to Summers End Lane, to Green Vale Court.

11/15/21 - Email Sent to SC1 Members

2022 SC1 Trustee Election

We are happy to announce we have received a sufficient amount of ballots to consider the trustees duly elected. We thank those residents who turned in their signed ballots. We realize that the voting process is not the most convenient, but it is what is outlined in our bylaws and we are required to follow them. The 2022 Summer Chase trustees will be:

Bob Hupfeld

DeAnn Laaker

Tracy Scherrer

9/23/21 - Email sent to SC1 Members and the part pertaining to Sport Court sent to all Pool Members

Nomination for 2022 Trustees

Reminder that the 2022 trustee nominations are being accepted through, Thursday, September 30th. If you would like to submit a nomination, please click here and complete the form.

Annual Meeting

The Summer Chase 1 HOA meeting will be held Tuesday October 26, from 7 pm to 8 pm in Rockwood South Middle School's cafeteria. The cafeteria can be seen from the entrance lobby of the school. Ballots will be sent by USPS mail in early October.

Tennis/Volleyball Court Net

Someone broke the tennis/volleyball adjustable net mechanism the week after the new one was installed. Our new solution will be to have the net permanently kept in the tennis position and the handle removed. An additional net will be supplied that can be hung above the tennis net for volleyball/badminton.

9/12/21 - Email Sent to SC1 Members

It's the time of the year that we reach out to the Summer Chase 1 residents and see if anyone is interested in running for a trustee position for 2022. To help give people a better understanding of what is involved, a list of typical duties of the trustees can be found on the website. Besides the day to day duties the 2021 trustees took on a lot of projects as some items needed maintenance. The following items have been accomplished:

  • Pool House Exterior And Interior Painted

  • Parking Lot Resurfaced

  • New Sports Court

  • Rock Freshened Around Sports Court

  • Dead And Unhealthy Trees Removed

  • New Pool Tables

  • New Light Fixtures And Decor In Pool House

  • New Diving Board And Stand

  • Fence Repairs at Sports Court and Pool

  • Front Entrance Signs Painted

  • Front Entrance Wood Rails Replaced With Black Fencing

  • Recapped Entrance Wall

  • HOA Mailbox At Pool

  • Replaster Baby Pool

  • Replaced Pool Filters

  • Moved The Summerchase.org Domain From Earthlink To Google And Rebuilt The Website

  • New Pool Roof

If you would like to submit a nomination, please fill out this form. Nominations will be accepted through September 30th.

9/1/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

Pool Information

The pool will close for the 2021 season on Monday, September 6. The scheduled hours for the final weekend are below:

Friday, September 3 - 4 pm to 10 pm

Saturday, September 4 - 10 am to 10 pm

Sunday, September 5 - 10 am to 9 pm

Monday, September 6 - 10 am to 9 pm

Thank you for your patience during the cloudy water days. The new filters were installed in August and the water is now crystal clear. We are also happy to report the new table tops we ordered arrived before the end of the season and were installed in August.

The pool roof was damaged by the summer hail storm. Our insurance is covering a new roof that is scheduled to be replaced after Labor Day.

Sports Court

The crank on the tennis/volleyball court continues to have issues. It was fixed last Friday but we have asked the installer to come back and look at it. There is a lock on the bottom of the crank that doesn't hold when the net is tight. We've also ziptied instructions to the pole to help when adjusting it to the various positions.

We would like to thank whoever placed and is maintaining the trash can on the sports court. It's a nice volunteer gesture from someone in our community.

7/1/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

Pool Information

After recent incidents occurred requiring pool closures, we want to clarify to residents that any decision to close the pool is made by Unique Pools and not by the trustees. In the event the pool needs to close, a sign will be hung at the pool entrance as notification of the closure. After discussions with Unique Pool management, we determined the Easy Pool Pass alert option will not be effective in notifying pool members the pool is closed. Unique doesn't offer an electronic communication method and the trustees are not always available to communicate this information. If you have a pool related issue, please contact Unique at 314 455-6350.

Unique Pools informed us that the pool is cloudy again. They've made adjustments that should help with the cloudiness. New filters were ordered when this problem occurred earlier and should be arriving and installed soon. This should solve the problem.

The tables at the pool are being replaced. We are hopeful they will arrive before the end of the pool season. Unique has been asked to remove any chairs and loungers that are broken or cracked. If you notice one that needs to be removed, please point it out to a lifeguard.

Front Entrance

This week the caps are being replaced on the front entrance walls. Last night there was a minor, 1 car accident that removed a lot of the new caps on the right side of the entrance. The wall cap repair/replacement from the accident is being addressed.

6/14/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

Sports Court

We are extremely excited to announce that the sports court is open for play this evening! Nets were installed today. We are waiting on some portable benches to be placed inside the sports court and the fence to be placed back permanently where they allowed equipment to access the court. As you know we were hoping that this would be completed around Memorial Day, but the rainy spring affected all of the contractor's jobs, not just ours. We hope you all like the new look of the court.

Pool Murkiness

Over the weekend there were times that the deep end had to be closed for the residents safety, due to the water being too murky to see the bottom of the pool. Unique has been looking into many things that can cause this issue. The chlorinator pump was replaced and it did help some, but they're also looking into other possibilities, such as the filters. This may be a costly repair, but the good news is that the reserves will be able to accommodate this expense and the repair can be completed without shutting the pool down.

We've received numerous emails requesting to know what is wrong. The problem is not always obvious and the pool management company needs time to investigate. The trustees are not always available to give immediate answers, but have made efforts this year on improving communication through subdivision emails and the website. We hire companies for maintenance and managing the pool. Unique has been constantly checking the chemicals and at no time has it been unsafe to swim. Rest assured that the pool will be closed if there is any issue that affects the safety of the residents.

Easy Pass Alerts

The Easy Pass system has the ability to have an alert pop up prior to getting your daily pass. We are using this feature to alert pool goers of any issues or closures at the pool. You will see the pop up after logging on.

The Easy Pass system does have some limitations, but it has been helpful as we are getting pool usage data. It may not be 100%, but it is better than nothing. One of the limitations is that you only get one pool pass per day, but don't worry you should be able to get in even if your numbers aren't right. The idea is to keep people out that aren't using the pass system. We have already had a few instances where this has occurred.

Pass Checker

We are looking into the possibility of getting a pool pass checker through Unique to use during the busier times of the pool to hopefully eliminate issues with non-members using the pool. If this isn't doable this year, we will definitely look into this for next year.

Respect the Lifeguards

We've had reports that residents and guests aren't always showing respect to the life guards. If a lifeguard asks your guest for a pass, it is not an acceptable answer to say I'm with so and so. it's your responsibility to show the guard your pass. If a lifeguard asks you to not drink a beverage in the pool, please listen. If the adults don't listen to the guards, it could give children the impression that they don't have to listen either.

Clean Up After Yourself

We do not hire maid service for the pool and expect all residents to clean up after themselves. If you have pizza boxes that are too big for the containers in the pool area, you can deposit larger items in the bins in the dumpster area right outside the pool gate. There is a broom and dustpan in the breakroom, if someone in your family has a snack accident. The life guards do their best to have the pool in an orderly fashion prior to opening, but it is not their job to throw away your trash and clean up after your family.

Waste Management

We have reached out to the management at Waste Management to express our concerns regarding the recent service delays. They are experiencing the same staffing issues as a lot of businesses. They have asked for our patience as they try to work through this. As we said previously we have been very happy with their service up until this year and feel if we give them time, they will get the problem with their staff shortage resolved.

Front Entrance

The part that was missing to finish the front entrance monument fencing finally came last week. This should be completed this coming Thursday or Friday.

Garage Sale

Reminder that the subdivision garage sale will be Wednesday, June 16, and Saturday, June 19. This usually brings in a lot of traffic to the subdivision, so be extra cautious when driving or walking.

6/1/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

Garage Sale

The subdivision is planning a garage sale on Wednesday, June 16, and Saturday, June 19. All you need to do to participate is have your items out. Special thanks to resident, Julie Gregory, for organizing and working with realtor, Becky O'Neil, to sponsor the event. This event is organized by a resident or a realtor and the trustees will send out email communication.

Waste Management

Reminder that all services will be picked up 1 day later due to the Memorial Day holiday.

June Friday Food Truck Schedule

Below are the trucks scheduled for June. Any information regarding pre orders information will be added to the event on the calendar page on the Summer Chase website.

Truck Norris - Friday, June 4 from 5:00 – 7:00pm

Go Gyro Go - Friday, June 18 from 5:00 – 7:00pm

4/22/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

Pool Information

The pool will be opening on Saturday, May 29th, at 10 am for the 2021 season. We will be following St. Louis County's covid rules and added a Pool Covid Guidelines page to the Summerchase.org website with additional details. Capacity is still limited, but we will allow guests as long as it doesn't become an issue that members can't use the pool.

Unique Pools, our pool management company, requires that the pool be open at 4 pm on days when Rockwood school district is in session. This is due to staffing issues. This year Rockwood will have school June 1st - 3rd. On those days the pool will not be opened until 4 pm.

Pool Passes

We will no longer be using the laminated passes. Instead we will be using a pass system, EasyPoolPass, developed by Unique Pools. This is a digital pass system that uses a smartphone to retrieve your entry pass. This system allows for contactless check-in which is one of the requirements of St. Louis County. An advantage to this system is we will be able to get some data regarding pool usage. If you do not have access to a smartphone, a lifeguard should be able to retrieve your pass.

All residents who have paid their 2021 assessments will be receiving a separate email within the next 2 weeks with details about using EasyPoolPass, the facility number and your family's resident ID to use to retrieve your daily pass.

Maintenance Items

We've taken care of several needed maintenance items using the reserve fund. These items will not cause an increased annual assessment:

  • The exterior and interior of the pool house has been painted.

  • Interior lighting for the pool house is scheduled to be updated.

  • The baby pool is scheduled to be resurfaced prior to the pool opening

  • A new diving board and stand has been ordered and should be installed prior to the pool opening.

  • The Sports Court progress was delayed by the cold weather, but should be complete by Memorial Day as long as the weather cooperates.

Guest Access

Guest access is changing from 2 guests per member to 6 guests per household per day. The new system doesn’t support our old guest rule, which also didn’t accommodate families with fewer members in their household. All residents pay the same fee for the pool regardless of the number of members in the household and now they can bring the same amount of guests. We will be monitoring the number of guests and may need to adjust it, if it affects members not being able to use the facility.

Private Pool Parties

Unique Pools changed their policy regarding reserving the pool for private parties. In the past private parties would generate a small profit that would be applied to the pool and sports court reserve fund. The new policy only allows Unique to receive any profits. The policy also added a restriction that private parties are only allowed when Rockwood Schools are not in session to be able to accommodate for extra guards. This limited the number of available Tuesday nights to 11. Due to the policy changes eliminating any profits and limiting the number of parties to very few, the decision was made to no longer offer private pool parties and keep the pool open on Tuesday nights for all pool members to use.

Slow Down

We've received some complaints about speeding throughout the subdivision. Please slow down and come to a complete stop at stop signs for the safety of everyone.

3/29/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

The pool parking lot is scheduled to be resurfaced Tuesday, March 30th, weather permitting and striped a day or 2 later. During this time the parking lot will be closed and we ask that you please refrain from using.

3/24/21 - Email Sent to All SC1 Residents

On Monday, March 22, Summer Chase 1 HOA Trustee, Eric Dethlefsen, submitted his resignation to the Board. We are happy to announce that a previous Trustee, Sharon McRoy, has accepted to serve as Trustee for the rest of the 2021 term. We thank Eric for his time and service and Sharon for fulfilling this role.

3/13/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members

What is going on with Waste Management?

Waste Management is currently picking up recycling and posted the following message yesterday, late in the day:

Some residential recycling service for 3/12/2021 has been rescheduled in Imperial, Arnold, Fenton, High Ridge, Murphy, Saint Louis, Ballwin. We will return for service tomorrow. Please make sure your container is accessible for service.

We also have been told they are having issues with staffing, which has caused the problems we are experiencing. They are working at hiring additional drivers and hopefully our service will get back to normal soon. The following is from the response we received:

Our goal is still to always service on the scheduled service day as we work to hire permanent replacements. There may be ‘later in the day’ type delays, and perhaps even a one day delay in some instances. I do trust that when any delay to a later day is needed, we communicate to each resident via phone or e-mail, depending on what kind of contact information we happen to have on files.

If you want to receive these alerts, you can contact Waste Management (314-506-4700) and provide them with your address and contact information.

Food Trucks

For those who are not a member of the Summer Chase facebook page, Stacey Shorb, has been very busy scheduling food trucks for our subdivision. We want to thank Stacey for all her efforts and for volunteering to do this job. A complete list of all the trucks that have been scheduled can be viewed on the Summer Chase website calendar. The first truck will be this coming Friday, March 19, Buzz's Hawaiian Grill, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

Summer Chase HOA Mailbox

We have purchased a locked mailbox and installed it at the pool. We are getting rid of the PO box. The mailbox will be a convenient way for the trustees to access the HOA mail as well as eventually provide a cost savings. A big thank you to trustee, Bob Hupfeld, for volunteering to install and saving us installation costs.

1/13/21 - Email Sent to All Pool Members


Payment is due by January 15, 2021 and is considered delinquent if not received by February 1, 2021. Payments received after February 1, 2021 will be subject to a late fee of 25% of the assessment. If your assessment invoice has been misplaced, please email summerchase1@summerchase.org to request a copy.

Sports Court

The contractor will begin demolition of the existing courts Friday, January 15. The demolition will last for 4-5 days. During this time please refrain from using the court and the pool parking. The contractor may need the parking lot to store equipment.

Demolition is the first step in the process. The next step will start once we have warmer weather. Our goal is to have the new sport court available by the time the pool opens on Memorial Day weekend.

Information For Title Companies

To request association fees for closing, send an email with pertinent information to summerchase1@summerchase.org or mail PO Box 916, Fenton MO 63026.