2022 Summer Chase 1 Trustees

Please email summerchase1@summerchase.org if you have questions or concerns. Trustee phone numbers should be used for urgent matters.

Bob Hupfeld1652 Indian Summer Dr314 307-1961
DeAnn Laaker1603 Indian Summer Spur314 302-5177
Tracy Scherrer1205 Summers End Dr314 308-7703


If you aren't receiving the email communication, please use the Email Signup menu option from this website to submit your email address.

7/14/22 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

Unique Pool Management contacted us today to inform us that the Department of Labor does not allow scheduling lifeguards that are the age of 15 after 9 pm. Unique has decided that it would be best for all the pools they manage to close by 9 pm, so as not to violate the Department of Labor requirement. They will no longer be able to provide guards after 9 pm. Due to their decision, the pool will no longer be open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights and will be closing at 9 pm.

If you have questions or concerns, Unique Pool Management can be contacted at 314 455-6350 or info@UniquePoolManagement.com.

7/2/22 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

4th of July Children's Parade

The 4th of July Children's Parade will be held Monday, July 4, and start at 10 AM at the pool parking lot and end in the cul-de-sac on Summerpoint Dr. Please be aware that the streets along the parade route will be closed for a short period of time to allow for the parade.

Pool Updates

A new diving board has been ordered and is covered under warranty. The hope is that the new board will arrive and be installed before the end of the season.

A new timer for the lights has been ordered and should be installed within a week.

Waste Management Holiday Pickup Schedule

Due to the 4th of July holiday all waste pickup will be off by one day this coming week.

6/24/22 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

4th of July Children's Parade

Summer Chase 1 resident, Meredith Maston, is once again organizing a 4th of July Children's Parade. Last year's parade was a huge success. The parade will be held Monday, July 4 and start at 10 AM at the pool parking lot and end in the cul-de-sac on Summerpoint Dr. See image of parade route on Summer Chase website's homepage. Children can decorate their bikes, wagons, scooters, etc., dress up in patriotic clothes and ride or walk the parade route. The parade will be led by a Fenton Fire truck and the St. Louis County Police will provide an escort. Popsicles will be handed out at the end of the route and the fire truck will hang out a little for the kids to see. Meredith is looking into some games or music at the end, as well as a veteran or a military affiliation in the neighborhood that could kick off our parade with the pledge of allegiance. If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to be involved you can contact Meredith at (314) 651-4570 or she can also be reached on Facebook.

Unique Pool Management

Issues with the pool, such as safety, lifeguards, pool maintenance, etc., are handled by Unique Pool Management and may be reported directly to them at 314 455-6350 or info@UniquePoolManagement.com. We hire a management company to manage the pool. By contacting them directly when something is witnessed, it enables them to take action quickly and they will only get the trustees involved when needed.

5/17/22 -Email Sent to SC1 Residents

As most of you are aware, Rockwood took away bussing service for the elementary and middle school children living within 1 mile of their school. You have probably also noticed the increased foot and car traffic at the front of our subdivision between 3:00 and 4:00pm. We have received emails of concern from residents about the safety of children walking home from school with the limited visibility for cars entering the subdivision. We too have the same safety concerns. We have spoken with county police, the individual schools in our area, Rockwood transportation department and the county highway and streets department. Rockwood informed us that they do not have the resources to staff additional bus drivers in the near future, so this will continue to be a problem in the coming years. Rather than waiting for an accident to happen, we are trying to come up with some solutions to alleviate the congestion at the front of the subdivision during this peak traffic time.

St. Louis County will be putting up a "No Parking" sign on the north side of Summer Chase Ln for the stretch of road between Hawkins and Indian Summer Ct. This will help with visibility for cars entering the subdivision at any time of day. Any additional "No Parking" signs would have to be petition-based. A No Parking Petition page has been added to the Summer Chase website under Info. The page contains the details to the St. Louis County petition process and includes a downloadable sample petition. Basically, the petitions would be done on a street by street basis. If the houses along the south side of Summer Chase Ln would like there to be no parking in front of their houses during a specific timeframe, this would be done via the petition. (NOTE: this would disallow the resident from parking on the street during the listed times as well). The link includes the contact information for the gentleman we spoke with at the county. Any questions relating to the petition process should be directed to him.

We are hopeful that taking action now will prevent future accidents due to this traffic congestion.

5/12/22 -Email Sent to All Pool Members


The pool will open on Saturday, May 28th, at 10 am for the 2022 season. Normal pool hours are:

Sunday through Thursday - 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Friday and Saturday - 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Unique Pools, our pool management company, requires delaying the pool opening to 4 pm on days when the Rockwood school district is in session. This is due to staffing issues. The following dates the pool will not open until 4 pm:

  • 5/31/22 to 6/2/22

  • 8/22/22 to 8/26/22

  • 8/29/22 to 9/2/22

If you have any pool related issues, please report them to Unique Pools at 314 455-6350 or email info@UniquePoolManagement.com. Be sure to include Summer Chase 1 pool as they service many pools.


Unique's Easy Pool Pass system will be used again this year. This is a digital pass system that uses a smartphone to retrieve your entry pass. All residents who have paid their 2022 assessments will be receiving a separate email with details about using EasyPoolPass, the facility number and your family's 2022 resident ID to retrieve your daily pass.


The pool contract with Unique expires at the end of the 2022 pool season. We will be getting bids from various pool management companies for the 2023 contract. We plan to send out a survey this summer to solicit feedback from residents to help with the decision making regarding the new contract.


The summerchase.org website contains various information about Summer Chase 1. We often get questions that are already answered on the website or add content to the website from questions we receive from residents.

2/13/22 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

Assessments Due By February 28

We extended the assessment due date this year from February 1 to February 28. In March the accounting firm will send outstanding assessment bills and add the 25% finance charge required by our indentures. For those who have not paid their assessment, please mail it to the address on the bill which is our accounting firm.

2022 Updates

The 3 trustees met in January to go over the finances and discuss any projects for this year. Below is a list of the planned improvements:

  • The tennis/volleyball court will be striped for 2 pickleball courts. These courts will use portable nets on wheels that can easily be added and removed when needed. The courts will go in the same direction as the existing tennis/volleyball court using the tennis net as a divider.

  • We have 68 new chairs for the pool. The chairs are a gray rattan bistro style that will coordinate nicely with the gray table tops added at the end of last pool season.

  • The pool parking lot will get sealed and striped during the pool's off season. The parking lot was paved last year and required being sealed this year to maintain the asphalt. We will send out an email to alert everyone when it will be closed.

  • We are getting bids to replace the sidewalks to the pool and sports court. We are planning to eliminate the slight step/trip hazard as you enter the pool. The concrete in front of the sports court is a mess from tree roots and water pools when it rains. We are hoping to resolve both those issues.

12/3/21 -Email Sent to All Pool Members

ASSESSMENTS (SC1, SLE and Pool Members)

The annual assessments will be mailed on December 15, 2021, with a due date of January 15, 2022. The Trustees are not allowed to change these dates, as they are stated as such in the indentures. For this year’s assessment, the Trustees have changed the late fee accrual date from February 1, 2022 to March 1, 2022.


Sunday, December 12, 2021 - The group, Midwest Off-Road HERS, have offered to do a Parade of Lights through the subdivision. The parade will start around 6:30-7:00 PM and travel from the entrance on Summer Chase Lane, to Summers End Lane, to Green Vale Court.

11/15/21 - Email Sent to SC1 Members

2022 SC1 Trustee Election

We are happy to announce we have received a sufficient amount of ballots to consider the trustees duly elected. We thank those residents who turned in their signed ballots. We realize that the voting process is not the most convenient, but it is what is outlined in our bylaws and we are required to follow them. The 2022 Summer Chase trustees will be:

Bob Hupfeld

DeAnn Laaker

Tracy Scherrer

9/23/21 - Email sent to SC1 Members and the part pertaining to Sport Court sent to all Pool Members

Nomination for 2022 Trustees

Reminder that the 2022 trustee nominations are being accepted through, Thursday, September 30th. If you would like to submit a nomination, please click here and complete the form.

Annual Meeting

The Summer Chase 1 HOA meeting will be held Tuesday October 26, from 7 pm to 8 pm in Rockwood South Middle School's cafeteria. The cafeteria can be seen from the entrance lobby of the school. Ballots will be sent by USPS mail in early October.

Tennis/Volleyball Court Net

Someone broke the tennis/volleyball adjustable net mechanism the week after the new one was installed. Our new solution will be to have the net permanently kept in the tennis position and the handle removed. An additional net will be supplied that can be hung above the tennis net for volleyball/badminton.

9/12/21 - Email Sent to SC1 Members

It's the time of the year that we reach out to the Summer Chase 1 residents and see if anyone is interested in running for a trustee position for 2022. To help give people a better understanding of what is involved, a list of typical duties of the trustees can be found on the website. Besides the day to day duties the 2021 trustees took on a lot of projects as some items needed maintenance. The following items have been accomplished:

  • Pool House Exterior And Interior Painted

  • Parking Lot Resurfaced

  • New Sports Court

  • Rock Freshened Around Sports Court

  • Dead And Unhealthy Trees Removed

  • New Pool Tables

  • New Light Fixtures And Decor In Pool House

  • New Diving Board And Stand

  • Fence Repairs at Sports Court and Pool

  • Front Entrance Signs Painted

  • Front Entrance Wood Rails Replaced With Black Fencing

  • Recapped Entrance Wall

  • HOA Mailbox At Pool

  • Replaster Baby Pool

  • Replaced Pool Filters

  • Moved The Summerchase.org Domain From Earthlink To Google And Rebuilt The Website

  • New Pool Roof

If you would like to submit a nomination, please fill out this form. Nominations will be accepted through September 30th.

Information For Title Companies

To request association fees for closing, send an email with pertinent information to summerchase1@summerchase.org or mail PO Box 916, Fenton MO 63026.